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Office Organiser with 11 Drawers of Varying Sizes

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Office Organiser with 11 Drawers of Varying Sizes. A very unique set of drawers that are in 5 very useful but different sizes making this piece of office furniture the most useful we have to offer. The six drawer at the top are all equally sized at, internally 4cm high, 9.5cm and wide 12cm deep and externally 5cm high, 12cm wide, 14.5cm deep, but they do accommodate two styles of handles which makes this piece very interesting. The two larger drawers on the third row down internally measure 6.5cm high, 16cm wide, 12cm deep & externally this drawer measures 7cm high, 18 cm wide and 14cm deep. These two drawers also have the information slip for you to have the opportunity to be extra organised. On the bottom set of drawers they are varying sizes. The left one internally measures 6.5cm high, 6cm wide, 12 cm deep, externally 7cm high, 8cm wide, 14.5cm deep. The middle drawer internally measures 6.5cm high, 9.5cm wide, 12cm deep, externally 7cm high, 11.5cm wide 14.5cm deep. The right hand drawer internally measures 6.5cm high, 13.5cm wide, 12cm deep, externally 7cm high, 16cm wide 14.5cm deep. These drawers have the same handles as our popular N0136, N0159 and N0160 range so would complement these items beautifully. The whole item measures 41cm high, 35cm wide and 15cm deep making it a lovely table top feature to fit into any room of your house or professional office space. This item forms part of the Popular Geko shabby chic office range and will compliment any item from this range.